• 01
    What is the minimum order quantity for electric bicycles?
    • The minimum order quantity can vary depending on the supplier, but it is usually around 10-20 units.
  • 02
    What is the lead time for delivery of electric bicycles?
    • The lead time for delivery can also vary depending on the supplier, but it is usually around 30-45 days after the order is placed.
  • 03
    Are electric bicycles customizable?
    • Yes, electric bicycles can be customized to meet specific customer needs and preferences, such as color, logo, and other specifications.
  • 04
    What is the warranty for electric bicycles?
    • The warranty for electric bicycles typically ranges from 12 months to 24 months, depending on the supplier and model.
  • 05
    What is the payment term for electric bicycles?
    • The payment term for electric bicycles can vary depending on the supplier, but common options include T/T (wire transfer), L/C (letter of credit), and PayPal.
  • 06
    Q:How do you avoid anti dumping tax in EU countries and USA?
    • A:We have factory in Italy and India,and offer place of origin and all of the other necessary documents.
  • 07
    Q:Is it ok to customize logo for the ebike?
    • A:Yes,we can make customers' logo and color design.
  • 08
    Q:Do you have ebike in stock?
    • A:yes,we have a lot of design in stock,please send inquiry to check the details.